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Year, Publ. Book Title Titles Included
1944. World The Nero Wolfe Omnibus The Red Box
The League of Frightened Men
1947-1948, French Dans La Plus Stricte Intimite "Omit Flowers" (1948) from Three Doors to Death
Instead of Evidence (1947) from Trouble in Triplicate
1955, Viking Full House The League of Frightened Men
And Be A Villain
Curtains for Three (The Gun With Wings, Bullet for One,
and Disguise for Murder)
1958, Viking All Aces
A Nero Wolfe Omnibus
Some Buried Caesar
Too Many Women
Trouble in Triplicate (Before I Die, Help Wanted, Male,
and Instead of Evidence)
1961, Viking Five of a Kind
The Third Nero Wolfe Omnibus
The Rubber Band
In The Best Families
Three Doors To Death (Man Alive, Omit Flowers,
and Door to Death)
1965, Viking Royal Flush Fer-De-Lance
Murder By the Book
Three Witnesses (Die Like a Dog, The Next Witness,
and When a Man Murders)
1969, Viking Kings Full of Aces Too Many Cooks
Plot It Yourself
Triple Jeopardy (Home to Roost, The Cop-Killer,
and The Squirt and the Monkey)
1971, Viking Three Aces Might as Well Be Dead
Too Many Clients
The Final Deduction
1973, Viking Three Trumps The Black Mountain
If Death Ever Slept
Before Midnight
1974, Viking Triple Zeck
Nero Wolfe's Encounters with Arnold Zeck
And Be a Villain
The Second Confession
In the Best Families
1975, Penguin The First Rex Stout Omnibus The Doorbell Rang
The Second Confession
More Deaths Than One
[British title for And Be A Villain]
1983, Avenel © Pola W. Stout Seven Complete Nero Wolfe Novels
(actually 6 novels and 1 novella collection)
The Silent Speaker
Might As Well Be Dead
If Death Ever Slept
Please Pass The Guilt
A Family Affair
Three at Wolfe's Door (Poison a la Carte, Method Three for Murder,
and The Rodeo Murder)
2002, Mystery Guild The Nero Wolfe Primer And Be A Villain
Champagne for One
Black Orchids (
"Black Orchids" and "Cordially Invited to Meet Death")
1995, Bantam
(4 mass market Paperbacks in a slip case)
A Nero Wolfe Casebook Black Orchids
Might as Well Be Dead
Fer-De- Lance
The Mother Hunt
(8 mass market Paperbacks in a slip case) [Thank you to Philip J. Frye for the images of the rare boxed set of 8.]
The Wolfe Pack: Eight Great Mysteries by Rex Stout In the Best Families
And Be a Villain
Plot It Yourself
The Silent Speaker
Death of a Doxy
Too Many Women
If Death Ever Slept
All Aces
All Aces